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I think it’s safe to say that most people love their babies! And it’s sad to see them grown up. And yet, we know it’s good and we enjoy watching that as well. As our children grown up, they learn to do things by themselves. They learn to feed themselves, walk, talk, and eventually they think they are too big for their high chair and they need to sit as a big kid! In this Baby Bjorn Boost Seat Review you’ll learn what is so great about the booster seat and how good I feel about letting Big Sis sit by herself!

When we had Little Man, Big Sis got to sit in the high chair for a while, but I was trying to get her out kind of soon because once he needed the high chair, I didn’t want to “kick her out for him”. The problem was (and actually still is) that she was too small to just sit in the chair on her own. She couldn’t reach the table well, and her chin was just above the table. If she sits in just a chair now, it’s still a problem.

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Luckily the Baby Bjorn Booster Seat came to our rescue!

BabyBjorn2 BabyBjorn3 The booster raises the child up off the seat 3 inches! That’s a great boost! On most chairs, the child can easily still fit under the table, but they are up high enough that they can reach up over the table, see their food, and eat over their plate. :)

Not only is this booster seat a great lift, but it’s a great material also. It’s a hard plastic booster seat so when messes happen they are easily cleaned up. Food and drinks don’t soak into the seat, it just sits on top and you can wipe them right off!

This seat is so easy to put on most any chair out there. As long as you can put a strap around the bottom (seat), you can probably attach the booster. All you have to do it pull the straps out all the way, reach them around the bottom of the chair, and buckle them together. It’s a great, easy system for installation.


And when you get it buckled, you easily turn the little black knob on the back of the seat to tighten the straps. You want to make sure that the straps are tightened real well so the booster doesn’t slip on the chair. But once you have it installed correctly, put your child in and they can see to eat!


Another great feature about this booster is that while it’s easy to install, it’s also easy to uninstall. Just push that black knob in to pull the buckle straps out lose and unbuckle. This is great! We can easily remove the booster and take it anywhere we go!! The other great thing about it’s portability is that it only weighs 2.6 pounds! This seat can easily be carried by you or the child! Big Sis loves to carry her own things, this seat is light enough that she can carry it without dropping it or working too hard.

This booster seat doesn’t have a back on it, and even if you install it all the way back on the chair, it still has a little lip/edge in the back. This is to promote proper posture! No slouching at the table with this one!

If your Little is about ready to move out of the high chair and into a booster, I highly recommend the Baby Bjorn Booster Seat. You can find it online or a store near you.


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