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Delivery Man

Family. That word means so many different things to many different people. Some people have a large family with a lot of siblings, two parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Some people have a small family, just them and their spouse. Or maybe their family is them, some siblings, and a single parent. Some people consider their closest friends to be more of a family than their “real” family. It really is different for each person.

I grew up with a younger (but MUCH bigger than me, so I can’t call him my LITTLE) brother, my mom and dad. My extended family, on both sides, has always been close and we always did a lot together. My mom has one sister and she’s married with 3 children. My oldest cousin is 4 weeks older than me and we grew up as best friends! On my dad’s side, he has 2 older brothers and a twin sister. There are 9 cousins total on that side. We did Thanksgiving and Christmas together, along with a few different things in the Spring/Summer/Fall. ALL of my aunts and uncles are wonderful people and I know that if I ever needed anything I could turn to my family! I have been blessed!

And then I grew up! And I got married! Daddy J and I were a family for about 3 years before Big Sis joined us. Almost 2 years later we got Little Man. We would like to have more children. But our little family is fun! We play, sing, laugh, cry, support, and LOVE each other very much! I have been just as blessed with my family now!

And, it doesn’t stop there! When I got married I got 2 more brothers! And another mom and dad. My in-law family might be different than my family, but I know that they love each other dearly and they have accepted “us girls” as their own and love us just as much. I get along great with my in-laws. I have been blessed in the family that I married into!

My brother is also married! So I have 2.5 sisters! (Silly right? How do you have a half of a sister? Well, my brother is married, my oldest brother-in-law is married, and the middle brother-in-law is {hopefully} close to marriage! 😉 ) I didn’t grow up with a sister. But now that I have these girls, I know that I have been incredibly blessed by the SISTERS that I have been given!

My story is completely different than yours, maybe, but in some form or another, we all have a family. I love ALL of my family!

There is a new movie coming out in November called The Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn. He finds out that he has fathered 533 children through anonymous sperm donations 20 years ago. 533 children?! Wow!! Not only that, but now 142 of them want to know who their father is. What will he do? Take on this new found “family”? It looks silly, fun, serious, and sweet!! I am so excited to be one the the {few} bloggers that gets to bring you this brand new, just released clip for the movie!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I can’t wait to see this movie!


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  1. Ah, I love you too! Looks like a fun movie!

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